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My Best Friend Betsy

Order your personally autographed copy of My Best Friend Betsy today. This is the perfect gift for all the young, horse-crazy girls and boys in your life!

This hard cover, full-color, beautifully illustrated book shares the story of Rafferty, the Grand Prix Dressage horse and his best friend Betsy.

Together, they show readers what it is like to be a horse owner, a competitive rider and a horse lover! Betsy shares with readers her barn chores, her riding and her special time with Rafferty. 

My Best Friend Betsy is sure to become a favorite book of all horse loving children. 

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My Best Friend BetsyMy Best Friend BestyMy Best Friend Betsy

Read These Wonderful Reviews for "MY BEST FRIEND BETSY"

Sweet and gentle. What a good horse owner thinks of on a daily basis. The illustrations bring it to life. A charming tale of a well-cared for and loved horse. ~ Sandi Bell, Founder Heart and Soul Equine. www.heartandsoulequine.com, Bay Area, California

Writing from experience, international dressage rider and Movement and Body Awareness Specialist Jennifer Malott Kotylo has written a charming book for children giving them a glance into the care and detail that goes into the training of a Grand Prix-level horse. 

The accompanying paintings by Lindy Swan make this a book that should appeal visually to adults as well as to youngsters. My Friend Betsy is a perfect gift for that horse-crazy child on your list! ~ Colleen Rutherford Archer, Author. Deep River, Ontario, Canada.

"My Best Friend Betsy" is a fun story to read to young horse enthusiasts. It tells the real story of a true relationship and educates on the responsibilities of owning a horse. This story encourages relationships beyond just competition of our equine partners, something all horse owners need to cultivate." ~ Melinda Pepper. Kent County 4-H Program Coordinator, Michigan.

"I really enjoyed this sweet tale of a horse and his best friend - told from the horse's point of view! It reminds me of the stories I read when I was a horse crazy little girl, dreaming of the day when I would have my own horse." ~ Eileen Coe, Savvy Tender Touch, Certified Equine Acupressure. www.savvytendertouch.com.

"An uplifting tale of a lucky horse and his caring human friend. Sure to stir the wonder of the human-animal bond in child and grownup alike, and the hope that all horses find the love of their very own Best Friend Betsy that each of them so richly deserve." ~ Laine Raia, Author/Editor and Proprietor of The Ponderaia Stables, www.ponderaia.com North Reading, MA.

Improve Your Riding Through Movement: The PelvisThe Pelvis

Jennifer developed a passion for body awareness and biomechanics while pursuing her lifelong quest of international level dressage riding. She is a certified Core Dynamics Pilates Instructor, certified Equilates teacher and certified Balimo practitioner. Jennifer writes a regular column called, "Riding Reflections," which is carried in various horse publications. She is also a sought after speaker on both health and wellness topics.


Improve Your Riding Through Movement: The Upper BodyUpper Body

Equestrian sports as a whole demand a unique array of skill sets from the human athlete, which are both biomechanical and neurologic in nature. No matter the riding discipline, all riders want to experience being one with their equine partner. "Natural" riders seemingly accomplish this "oneness" with ease, while the rest of us mere mortals struggle with balance, coordination, flexibility and strength issues that impair our ability to ride well. This DVD is focused on helping to build a strong and flexible upper body so that you can ride quieter in the saddle. The quieter you can be with your upper body, with less your hands will interfere with your horse's movements and the more secure and comfortable you will be as a rider.

The Pelvis & The Upper BodyBOTH Improve Your Riding Through Movement DVDs:
The Pelvis AND The Upper Body

Purchase both DVDs at the same time to save money and enjoy the greatest benefit for you and for your horse!