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Movement & Body Awareness for Equestrians

“I have seen my long time clinic student Jennifer Kotylo bring her horse Nimo from a rambunctious 5-year-old through to the FEI level with honesty in her training, patience and a true dedication to the welfare of her horse.  She is organized beyond compare, setting up clinics single-handedly, always with a smile on her face, sincerely welcoming each and every one who participates or audits with a firm belief in learning at the highest level.  Jennifer is always there for you.”
Christine Traurig, Bronze Medalist 2000 Sydney Olympics, FEI Dressage Trainer and Coach

 “Jennifer Kotylo is a member of the “Balimo Instructor Training Program”. I have known her for years as a rider and instructor interested in new developments concerning movement theories. She comes from the Pilates background and was from this point of view very open minded to my holistic approach. She is a sensitive rider with high quality of body awareness. As an instructor she is able to integrate herself into the problems each rider has. She is always in a dialog with them and the horses. She is able to integrate the movement theory of the rider into the system of riding principles.”
Eckart Meyners, Creator of Balimo, PhD Sports Physiology, University of Luneburg, Germany

“Jennifer has a quest for knowledge that is on-going.  She has sat by my side throughout hours of clinic rides honing her eye, asking detailed and pertinent questions all in an effort to be able to better see what was going on between horse and rider.  She is smart, passionate and has a sincere interest in seeing her students accomplish their goals.”
Mette Rosencrantz, Two-time Member Swedish National Dressage Team, FEI Trainer and Coach

“Jennifer is the only person in the U.S.  who has gone through my Equilates training courses to be certified at the highest level in both the “Riding Track” and the “Pilates Track” of my program.  Her depth of knowledge is unparalleled.”
Betsy Steiner, Author, “A Gymnastic Training System using Mind, Body and Spirit,” Founder of “Equilates.”

“I've worked with Jennifer as a studio owner and Pilates student for over 6 years, and have experienced the benefits of her workouts first hand.  Her knowledge of Pilates, the human body and how movement impacts athletes is unparalleled to none.  As an avid cyclist, swimmer and triathlete, Jennifer's workouts keep my body strong, balanced and injury-free.  Her ability to structure workouts that are both challenging and restorative keep her clients motivated and coming back for more.  If you are recovering from an injury, experiencing muscular-skeletal imbalances or discomfort, or are simply looking to enhance your performance in the sporting activities you love, Jennifer is an excellent trainer that can assist you achieving your goals.”  
Margaret Castrovellari, Owner Soulisitic Studio and Spa


“I have had Jennifer down to my farm on numerous occasions to help my students with the body issues that are interfering with their riding.  She has a keen ability to assess the origin of a rider’s problem, explain it clearly and give simple tools to help them achieve their goals.  And she not only helps dressage riders.  I have seen her work miracles with saddle seat and western riders too.” 
Paula Briney, Owner Pratense Farm, FEI Dressage Trainer and Competitor and National Saddle Seat Champion

“I am fortunate to have spent the past five years working with Jennifer and she is an integral part of the success that I have had with my Mustang Stallion Padre'.  Having a history of back and neck problems from a car accident, it had become difficult to exercise and ride without stiffness and tightness in my body. From the first time I worked with Jennifer in an Equilates clinic in 2007, I was immediately able to see and feel the difference it made in my riding.  I have spent the years since doing a combination of Pilates, Equilates and Dressage training under Jennifer's guidance working on both my body issues and Padre's training.  I am able to run with Padre' to compete him in hand, and no I longer have the extreme stiffness that held us back under saddle.  Without Jennifer, none of our success would have been possible.”
Patty Gruber, Trainer Wayfarer Farm, Owner of Padre - Devon Champion, Breyer Horse Model

“I just wanted to thank you for the great lesson.  Jasper feels like a new horse when he engages his hind end.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed my lesson.  I look forward to getting to ride with you many more times.”
Kari Tankersley.  Manager Clemson University Equine Center

“It was a huge help to me to finally understand which core muscles to use to ride effectively.” 
Sue S. – Preliminary Event Rider

 “Your lesson rocked!”  Lisa W. - FEI Dressage Rider

“I just wanted to thank you again for the work that you did on me during your clinic. It’s been three weeks and not once have I had any back pains after riding. I have been preaching to my students about this little miracle a lot and I would love for you to come to our barn and do a three day clinic. Thanks again, it has been such a relief riding without back pain.” 
Yvonne B.  – Dressage Trainer

"Thank you for doing what you do!  It has been such a gift to find someone with your specialized skills."
Marcia B, WI

"These past few weeks have been the best of my riding career.  You took me out of my comfort zone in a way I didn’t expect.  Thank for you for being patient with me and for being an amazing teacher.  You have inspired me not only to want to be a better rider, but you have reignited my passion for learning."
Dana P., Illinois

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