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Jennifer Kotylo



Jennifer began teaching a ZOOM "stretch" class 5 days a week at the beginning of the COVID lockdown, and I have been delighted to enjoy her teachings.  What starts as a nice stretching warm up using a Pilates based practice, moves into more traditional core work; focusing on lengthening the muscles to feel a comfortable stretch. After several weeks of her 30 minute workout, I can see a huge difference in my body.  My legs are leaner and more flexible; my core stronger and my posture has improved immensely.  Most importantly, I feel stronger and leaner!  Jennifer has a wonderful ability to teach proper alignment and technique, with a lighthearted and supportive approach.  Love starting my day with Jen!
~ Dee T., Indianapolis, IN.

Want to get the most out of a half hour virtual workout then check out Jennifer Katylo. Each session is completely different and well organized. She keeps you moving and discovering body parts you never knew you had while enjoying each exercise. Her knowledge of anatomy is amazing and most useful for a full body experience. Jennifer's presentations are clear, well demonstrated and easy to follow for any age or individual ability. Because each session is very different, the time races by as your body shapes up. After a few workouts with Jennifer you will notice that her training and expertise has done wonders on how you feel and look. A delightful experience!  
~ Mary Lyn W., Chicago, Il.

Exercise classes can quickly become stagnant and boring.  That is not the case with Jennifer’s stretch classes, she always finds ways to provide variety and creativity.  Her dynamic classes are designed to increase flexibility, core strength, balance and posture.  Jennifer guides with attention to detail and an alertness to individual needs and restrictions.  I have gained an appreciation for every vertebra in my spine and for muscles from my fingertips to my toes. Thank you, Jennifer for the way you push me and also encourage me.  
~ Linda J., Chicago, IL

I've worked with Jennifer as a studio owner and Pilates student for over 6 years, and have experienced the benefits of her workouts first hand.  Her knowledge of Pilates, the human body and how movement impacts athletes is unparalleled to none.  As an avid cyclist, swimmer and triathlete, Jennifer's workouts keep my body strong, balanced and injury-free.  Her ability to structure workouts that are both challenging and restorative keep her clients motivated and coming back for more.  If you are recovering from an injury, experiencing muscular-skeletal imbalances or discomfort, or are simply looking to enhance your performance in the sporting activities you love, Jennifer is an excellent trainer that can assist you achieving your goals.
~ Margaret Castrovellari, Owner Soulisitic Studio and Spa